We accelerate healthcare and anti-aging investments

With Mission to verify the emerging technologies, and offering innovative tools for funding, LIF is to create risk hedging investment instrument for institutional investors.

Novel investment mechanism.

Rating of Longevity Technologies, and Blockchain Panel for validation of new longevity technologies investment potential.

These are two parts of risk hedging mechanism for institutional investors. In order to accomplish LIF mission of sustainable acceleration of longevity technologies, LIF management structure DAYS.exchange develops a blockchain platform for solving critical global aging-related medical and economic challenges.

The Longevity Impact Forum will take place, in a new, blockchain format. The forum will be held in 4 countries, in December 2018 at the royal-class cruise liner

It will be broadcasted online, so that DAYS contributors will be able to form their opinion, in order to vote for experts’ election in the Blockchain Scientific panel.

The goals of the Forum are:

  1. Showcasing the cutting edge developments in the fields of anti-aging, longevity, biotech and P4 Medicine
  2. The discussion of validation methodologies for cutting edge technologies in the fields of anti-aging, longevity, biotech and P4 medicine,
  3. Creation of interdisciplinary teams to be given grants from the Longevity Impact Foundation
  4. Preparation for the election of the DAYS Blockchain Scientific Panel, including 100 leading global experts in the field of life extension and P4 Medicine.